Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Print Styles Forgotten by Responsive Web Developers (at evolt.org)

Image of a printed web page with a QR code.

As web browsing technology continues to change at a rapid pace, budgets to update web sites for these changes often don't match that same pace. Responsive web design has become the de facto answer to preemptively adapt sites to this constant shift, typically relying on CSS3 media queries to do the bulk of the work. CSS3 media queries allow web browsers to choose stylesheets, and as a result, layouts, that fit the display resolution of the current device.

Web developers and designers brag about their ability to craft designs that work across platforms, some even integrating transitions that only they can see when they change their window sizes. Sites have sprung up to catalog these achievements and article after article expounds the benefits and wrong-mindedness of any other approach. I tend to agree.

I am surprised, however, at the utter disregard for a media format that has existed before the web — the printed page.

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